Hollow Form Jewellery Collection Sara Montgomery Designs

Hand fabricated Hollow Forms. In shapes from traditional round, prism, cube, rectangles, diamond, triangles and more. These can be mobile and decorated. These are my favourite metalsmithing form to work on, one of the most challenging - especially when they are articulated! 
This is a close up for the Lapis Lazuli Bespoke necklace. Its in the style of the Nomadic Tuareg Womens Jewellery That I love so much. Decorated with pure 14k gold (not filled) stars and moons. Some of these pendants have the ability to fill the space with precious memories, poems, ashes and other items. 

Would you like to design one of these pieces for yourself or someone else? Please let me know, as they are quite fun to make. They can be richly adorned, simple and clean, stamped, engraved and much more. If you take some private lessons we could make one together!