Terms and Conditions




I hereby accept full responsibility for any harm, injuries, and damages to personal or physical property that may occur while participating in classes and/or events organized by Sara Montgomery Studios. 

We prioritize your safety and well-being. The following are general guidelines to follow during class participation. Always adhere to the teacher's instructions. Refrain from operating any equipment unless properly instructed. If you require reading glasses or glasses for close-up work, kindly remember to bring them. If you have long hair, please bring something to tie it back. Given the use of hot, sharp, and heavy tools, please wear protective footwear. Avoid wearing loose garments and jewellery. Face masks, eye protection, and ear protection, if necessary for a particular class, will be provided, and it is mandatory to wear them when instructed. Please inform us in advance if you are pregnant or have any disability that could affect your safety or participation before attending a class. We will try to accommodate your needs.


Private lessons or classes with outside instructors are the sole responsibility of the individual instructor. The instructors rent the studio at a flat rate per hour. They handle their own fees, payments, refunds, and cancellations, and set their own terms and conditions (as long as they do not contradict the studio's expectations) for teaching their classes. All liability conditions and studio policies remain in effect.

Sara Montgomery Studio's refund policy is strictly non-negotiable. If you believe you qualify for a refund, please send an email to info@saramontgomerydesigns.ca with your order number and a reason for the refund. Please refer to our workshop policies for further details. Once we receive and inspect your order number, we will send you an email acknowledging the receipt of your request. Subsequently, we will inform you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If approved, the refund amount (excluding Third Party booking fees like Shopify etc) will be processed and credited back to your original payment method. Kindly note that refund processing may take several days, so the transaction may not immediately appear in your account.



● To request a refund or credit from a rental or class booked through Sara Montgomery Studios, please email info@saramontgomerydesigns.ca no later than 14 days before your course start date. Include your full name, order number, and reason for the refund in your email.

● If approved, we will process your refund or exchange request (if applicable). Please note that fees and charges may apply.


Non-refundable fees and charges


All sales include taxes and third-party booking fees. If you request a refund, transfer, or credit, third-party fees of up to 15% of your order's value may be applicable. To avoid any fees, we recommend considering your schedule at the time of booking. If changes are unavoidable, please promptly contact info@saramontgomerydesigns.ca


Desk Rental/ Room Rental Policies


By making a booking with us, you confirm that you have thoroughly read, understood, and agreed to the following policies we have established:

● This is not a one-on-one session. During your booking, you will be working independently, although someone will be present on-site at all times. There will be supervision of soldering until we can assess that you are at a stage to be independent. We are unable to provide tutoring during this time. The purpose of this booking is solely for utilizing our space and tools.

●At the beginning of your session, you will be required to sign an inventory list for your personal tools and supplies. This includes larger tools such as the polisher, disc cutters, specialist hammers, torch tips, and more. When your rental period is completed, we will conduct a review of the inventory and sign it out accordingly. Any additional chargeable items, such as metals, saw blades, gems, etc., should be settled at the end of each session. A personal clipboard will be provided to record each additional charged item, and the final amount, including taxes, will be calculated at the end of the session. While we do accept cash payments, taxes will still be applicable, and a digital receipt will be sent to you. It is mandatory to make the payment before leaving the premises.

● It is expected that you treat the space and tools with respect throughout your session. Any damage to our property will be the customer's responsibility.

● We often have metal available for purchase on-site. If you have specific material or supply requests, please email us at preferably two weeks prior to your booking for silver, argentium, fine silver, bronze, allowing us enough time to order them. Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in the materials not being available in time for your booking.

● You are welcome to bring your own materials, tools, and metal for use during your session.

● Sara Montgomery Studios assumes no liability for injuries or damage to personal property that may occur during your session.


3.2 Refunds, Rescheduling, and Cancellations

● Failure to show up or missing your booking without prior notification will render you ineligible for a refund. If your plans change, please email us in accordance with the following policies.

● A full refund (fees apply) can be issued if you cancel at least 14 days before your booking.

● If cancellation notice is given within less than 14 days, a credit can be issued (fees apply).

● To reschedule your booking, please contact us via email to discuss the options.


Classes and Workshops


To cancel your reservation with Sara Montgomery Studios, please contact us via email at info@saramontgomerydesigns.ca Our cancellation policy requires a two-week notice. If less than two weeks notice is provided, a full refund cannot be granted. However, we can offer you a credit to rebook your workshop or a 50% refund if the cancellation is made up to 7 days prior to the workshop. Please note that cancellations within 1 week of your class will result in no refund, transfer, or credit. Given the nature of our small, intimate workshops, filling your spot with less than a week's notice is unlikely. Alternatively, you may send a friend in your place by notifying us via email. If you wish to reschedule your workshop within the one-week time-frame, a fee of $45 is required to book another class. Failure to pay this fee will result in forfeiting your reservation. Once your class has been rescheduled from the original date, we are unable to provide a refund, regardless of the two-week refund notice. If a class is missed, no refund or make-up session will be offered. Please ensure you set a reminder and double-check dates and times beforehand.


4.2 Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of all our renters, students, and teachers are our top priority. If you are feeling unwell, we kindly request that you do not attend your class or rental session. We understand that this might prevent you from canceling in advance, but as a small studio where individuals are in close proximity, we want to prioritize everyone's well-being and prevent the spread of illness.

If you have a disability or any health concerns that make you more susceptible to illnesses, we still encourage you to participate in classes or rentals. In such cases, it may be beneficial for you to consider booking one-on-one lessons or renting out the entire room to minimize potential health impacts. Please contact us via email to discuss the available options and find the best solution for your needs.info@saramontgomerydesigns.ca



We may cancel a workshop / class if it is under-booked. We will offer you a credit to attend a workshop of equal value in the future.


When booking a gold jewellery workshop, it is crucial to read and understand this policy before making a purchase. Due to the high price of gold, we do not keep any on hand. Therefore, we order gold specifically for your booking. We require a minimum of two weeks to order the gold so that it arrives in time for your session. If you provide less than two weeks' notice, there is a high probability that the metal will not arrive in time.


During workshops, Sara Montgomery Studios reserves the right to capture photographs and video footage. This footage will be used for advertising purposes across various media platforms without payment to the students. We are careful and respectful not to photograph faces or post any imagery that identifies individuals unless otherwise agreed upon. If you do not wish to be included in any digital footage, please inform us in advance.


Policy Understandings


By completing your purchase, you confirm that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to our terms and conditions/policies.



Sara Montgomery Studios and its Associates, instructors, classmates, or renters are not liable or responsible for any injuries, loss, or damage to personal possessions at any time.