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Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Statement Art Piece Necklace

Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Statement Art Piece Necklace

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This treasure is handcrafted from Sterling Silver sheet into complex geometric hollow forms balanced with hand faceted & polished Lapis Lazuli beads.  Dark & rich these Lapis beads are higher end & very special. Lightly touched either pyrite, you know these are the best. 

With a beautifully statement piece has a crafted cylinder that is decorated with 22k gold & Sterling silver accents. The musical tones of Indian Continent bells enlivens your every step. 

One of a kind gift to your most precious person, especially if that person is you! 

Delivered in a lovely glass display box with anti-tarnish strips. Save it for a special occasion, wear it everyday and/or display this boutique bespoke necklace proudly.

If you like this type of necklace, but prefer other types of stones & gems let me know. We can work together to complete your dream iconic statement piece.

Look for my newest pieces: Rose Quartz & Baltic Amber with Turquoise. 

48cm 168 grams

Free hand delivery in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver & area once pre-paid.

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